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Impressions from Egypt - Week #3

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Bound to one place, a week in Giza lets us start every single morning with a view of the great pyramids, immersed in the perpetual impulsive background noise of the metropolises of millions. Silence reigns on the plateau off the paths, but only there. Shadows of the last weeks become darker by inner battles, caused by health difficulties. These are the last days of winter. Up to 33 degrees it becomes stuffy and smog-laden warm. Sandstorms cloud the air and plunge the surroundings into a hazy twilight, the noise of the urban life that never comes to rest remains and carries itself to us through the windows on the fifth floor. Light is brought by long nightly conversations on the roof terrace and immersion in the stories of ancient Egypt, which seem to be in all too obvious contradiction with the reality at the foot of the monuments. We have to move on soon, that much is clear.

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