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T H E  R O U T E

The route of "Cap to Cape" leads from the northernmost point of Africa, "Cap Angela" in Tunisia, to the southernmost point of the continent, "Cape Agulhas" in South Africa.

The main route leads over 11,000 kilometres from Alexandria (A) in Egypt to Cape Town in South Africa (B). Mareike and Horst will cross eleven African countries with their team on this route - an elaborate expedition in a time frame of at least 8 months.

The crossing begins at the mouth of the Nile in Egypt and follows the course of the river towards its source through the hot Sahel. They will then cross the deserts and savannahs of Sudan and South Sudan before entering the tropical rainforests of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Via Tanzania and Zambia, the eastern route continues through Zimbabwe to Botswana. The last section of the route will take them through South Africa, all the way to the southernmost Cape, a few kilometres away from Cape Town.

They will start west of the main route with a 1000 kilometre prologue through Tunisia.

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