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Impressions from Tunisia - Week #2

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

After reaching the larger coastal town of Sousse after the first ten days of running, we interrupt our north-south crossing of Tunisia, and for good reason. Together with Anja, our new team member from Germany, we drive down to the oasis towns of Tozeur and Nafta (read her blog with first impressions of Tunisia here).

There we want to cross the Chott el-Djerid. Some may know it from the stories of Karl May, others may have heard of the impressive salt lake that was once filled with water before the mountains folded open and the water flowed into what is now the Mediterranean Sea.

A long dam connects the two towns of the hostile basin, which has twice the area of the island of Mallorca. The cities of Tozeur and Nafta offer more life, and especially as befits an oasis city, many palm trees. Thanks to them, or especially their dates, we are able to cross the Chott in a day's stage and before sunset.

This intermezzo gives us fresh energy to continue the route from Sousse. Olive trees surround us every day now. Many olive trees. Always.

We run around the industrial city of Sfax, as far as we are allowed by the star-shaped roads that run towards the city, interrupted only by rings of heavy traffic. We thus come back to the coast, to Mahres, where by now we have our 20th stage.

In the meantime, we have found something that resembles a rhythm. Staying more than one night in an accommodation to walk there once and walk from there once makes traveling and logistics easier. Anja had to fly back, but not without sharing her insights from the support team and her fantastic photos with us (to the blog about the impressions of her stay here).

After a short round trip from Sfax to Tunis and Hammamet, we travel again and further with Sofiane. He counts every hundred meters we walk.

Photos: Anja Kirig // Mareike Röwekamp

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