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Voix tunisiennes: Walid

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Part 1. a childhood full of love from parents and neighbors makes you dream to go out of a big and very complicated world.

In my childhood, I experienced poverty and the lack of many factors that are crucial for a normal life. But I understood the lesson I had to learn to study well and practice martial arts, which made me take a better position in life by being strong and intelligent.

At the age of 20, I traveled to Paris to meet my childhood sweetheart, but unfortunately I found that my uncle would not accept my approaching my beloved love. In fact, I was forced to return to Sfax to finish my studies and training.

Four years later, I received my diplomas and opened my accounting practice in a small village that I wanted to expand.

I planned my beautiful life all by myself with my financial and intellectual abilities.

In fact, I have experienced many problems that have prevented my success in some areas, but I have succeeded in others that I did not choose.

In addition to my office and gym, I have established a very special agricultural project in the city, namely camel breeding.

A pleasant and interesting experience in my personal life. I learned that patience and perseverance lead to a real path, I enjoyed very much what I did and that is the most important thing in life.

By chance, I came up with the idea of creating a swim team to meet the expectations of my children and the swimmers in the city, who had a bad reputation in other clubs.

I am currently planning a very strong team, relying on the skills of my administrative and technical team.

"Nothing is planned against you" - this is a phrase that sums up that life has many things that come together with positive people.

After all, life goes on, with good times and bad, but we must persevere to achieve happiness and the desire to live in full payment and love.

Part 2. The animal in general is the mirror of man by adopting characteristics or gestures that are useful to humanity, and here I loved the camel 🐫 🐫 very much, which gives me the desire to face obstacles and be patient with problems - and also gives me a product that is very necessary to live, it is expensive but nothing expensive for the good health of the human being.

An excellent experience that started with one camel mare and has now grown to a very large number.

I started selling milk as soon as I realized the need for this product and got an idea of its effects on the human body through the experience of old people and scientific research.

I also learned how to slaughter camels through the large number I cut the throats of in the various butcher shops in town.

When I returned to camel milk, I found that it is a source of energy that makes you fit and helps you think more positively.

Currently, I am waiting for the opportunity to prove that camel milk is essential to the lives of athletes and is a performance indicator.

The second auxiliary activity is swimming, which gives me the opportunity to meet people from different categories and settings.

I have the honor to have met Mrs. Mareike and Mr. Horst, who have touched my heart very much with their support and helpfulness; the kindness of the sport and people with positive vibrations; I have enjoyed very much the swimming session with Mareike, who seems to me like a very beautiful woman full of love and other qualities that I want to share with her.

Finally, my dream is to prove that nothing is impossible and that life is full of love and good people, that we need to create a project that will help us to be better in this life.

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